ANFF Annual Forum Sponsors

ANFF is proud to present the 2023 Annual Forum Sponsors, whose invaluable support makes this event a reality. This year, we're excited to introduce extended technical workshops as well as standard technical presentations, which will foster impactful knowledge sharing. We wholeheartedly thank each sponsor for their commitment, without which this event wouldn't be possible.

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Nano Vacuum (Gala Dinner Sponsor)

Nano Vacuum’s team has over 50 years of experience within the nanofabrication industry. We have highly qualified staff members including PhD qualified Mechanical and Electrical Engineers with expertise in Bio-Nano and Surface Science Engineering.

Our aim is to provide the best service and advice to our Australian and New Zealand customers, equipping you with cutting-edge tools for your research. 

Our extensive customer base includes academia, government, defence, aerospace, semiconductor and private industry, covering industries and R&D sectors within Quantum, Space/Aerospace, Defence, Semiconductor, Photovoltaics, Microfluidics, Photonics, Wearable Electronics, Opto-electronics, Sensors, MEMS, OLED/LEDs, SiC and GaN Power Devices, Medical/Dental Implants, Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science. 

For the space industry, we offer Thermal Vacuum Chambers (TVAC) for thermal and vacuum testing of satellite payloads to ensure mission critical components can withstand the harsh space environment. 

Our range of deposition, etching, plasma modification, clean/inert environments, packaging and lithography and surface characterisation tools offer nanofabrication resources to ensure you stay at the forefront of the highly competitive research space. 

Nano Vacuum can also design, project manage and deliver complete clean rooms including UHP gas panels and orbital welded piping, clean room walls, HEPA filters, toxic gas cabinets, wet/dry scrubbers and more. 

All this will be with a service level and price point that will exceed your expectations.  We look forward to working with you on your next project. Team Nano Vacuum

Platinum Sponsors


Founded in 1949 in Japan, Tokyo Seimitsu Co Ltd initially set its mark as a manufacturer of precision measuring tools and equipment. Over seven decades, the company has harnessed its experience and industry knowledge to emerge as a global leader under the brand name ACCRETECH. Specialising in both Metrology Equipment and Semiconductor Equipment, ACCRETECH stands out as a market leader in Coordinate Measuring Machines, offering state-of-the-art instruments for surface texturing, contour measurement, and cylindrical form measurement. In the semiconductor realm, ACCRETECH boasts high-precision dicing systems, innovative solutions like Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP), Laser Sawing, Wafer Edge and Polish Grinding Systems, and a ground breaking Wafer Probing System that tests wafers in extreme temperatures ranging from -55°C to 200°C. With a strong presence across major semiconductor manufacturers including Foundries, IDMs, and OSATs, ACCRETECH values long-term partnerships and is dedicated to mutual growth with its customers. For more details, reach out at

Gold Sponsors


Since 1970, Coltronics Systems has been a trusted supplier to the Manufacturing, Education, and Research Industries in Australia. They specialise in providing capital equipment and consumables, particularly for the manufacturing, electronics, and semiconductor sectors. With a strong local presence, they emphasize supporting their products with expertise, primarily catering to manufacturing and research institutes. Their services extend to numerous manufacturers, research institutes, governmental research departments, defense sectors, and most Australian universities in Australia. Among their esteemed suppliers are names like Suss MicroTec, Keyence, Formfactor, Annealsys, and many more. Moreover, they offer a wide range of consumables, including abrasive tools, gas purifiers, fluid handling products, and rework tools, serving both domestic and international businesses.


Located in Sydney, Dynaflow is a leading, family-run Australian business established in 1981, specialising in Laboratory Fume Risk Control. Their expertise encompasses the design, production, installation, and maintenance of Laboratory Fume Cupboards. They’ve recently expanded to represent Strobic Fan systems.

With its central operations in Sydney, Dynaflow boasts a widespread support system, having offices in Melbourne and Adelaide and distributors spanning across regions from New Zealand to Dubai and Chile. This expansive network has facilitated a client presence in 47 countries.

Dynaflow takes pride in its industry recognitions, holding certifications from SAI Global and SAL Global, along with a NATA Accreditation for fume cupboard testing. They’re also working towards achieving ISO45001 safety accreditation.

Their product and service suite caters comprehensively to Laboratory Fume Risk Control requirements, including various fume cupboards, upgrade programs for safety and energy efficiency, online user training, and the introduction of Strobic Exhaust Fan systems.


Evident supplies advanced solutions that help make the world safer and healthier. Committed to developing new technologies and delivering world-class customer service, our responsibility goes beyond manufacturing products—we are pioneers. 

With a rich history spanning over 100 years, we support our customers with solutions that give them the information they need to do their work, whether it’s researching new medical breakthroughs or inspecting infrastructure to help ensure the safety of society. Through researching and developing advanced technologies, we create leading-edge products used in numerous applications, including clinical and life science research, quality control and assessment, and precision measurement and analysis. 

We strive to exceed expectations by listening to our customers while anticipating future challenges to offer solutions optimised for our customers’ needs.

Silver Sponsors

ATA Scientific

ATA Scientific specialises in sales, support and service for a range of specialised analytical instruments in the areas of Particle, Material and Biomolecular Science and SEM imaging. Discover the Phenom Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with X-ray analysis (EDS) for element ID; Micromeritics TriStar II Plus, an automated three-station surface area and porosity analyser. We aim to provide our customers with long term support, so that they can enjoy the maximum benefit from our products and services.

Australian Vacuum Service AVS

Australian Vacuum Services offers comprehensive nanotechnology systems and support from top suppliers, encompassing ALD, RIE, PECVD, Nanoimprint, Sputter, and thermal vacuum evaporation technologies. Partnering with brands like Picosun, Plasmionique, and more, we provide a diverse range of vacuum pumps, components, spares, accessories, and repair services. Backed by 60+ years of industrial and scientific expertise, we’re strongly positioned to assist Australian customers. Learn more at


AXT is Australia’s leading supplier of high technology scientific equipment for sample preparation and analysis for academic and industrial applications. Through our various distribution agreements with international renowned and recognised brands, we are uniquely placed to be able to offer complete and comprehensive solution packages from within our own product portfolios.

Coherent Scientific

Coherent Scientific specialises in the marketing, sale, commissioning and support of lasers, atomic force microscopes, stylus and optical surface profilers, nano-hardness and wear testers, optical and laser inspection metrology instrumentation, and other related equipment. We are the local distributor for highly reputable companies such as Bruker, Andor, Coherent Inc, TMC and WPI. Coherent Scientific has supported its customers for over 30 years, and with highly experienced sales, service and administration staff throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Embedded Logic Solutions

Embedded Logic Solutions Pty Ltd has been supporting ANZ design engineers with ‘State of the Art’ Hardware and Software tools as well as End-to-End prototyping solutions from world renowned manufacturers and vendors. Coming through a roadmap of strategic alliances and business milestone achievements, consistently focused on the R&D and prototyping phases of product manufacturing, we have come to the unique position of offering our ANZ customers the one stop shopping node for their increasingly demanding prototyping requirements.

EV Group

EV Group (EVG) is a leading supplier of high-volume production equipment and process solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors, MEMS, compound semiconductors, power devices and nanotechnology devices. 


A recognized market and technology leader in wafer-level bonding and lithography for advanced packaging and nanotechnology, EVG’s key products include wafer bonding, thin-wafer processing and lithography/nanoimprint lithography (NIL) equipment, photoresist coaters, as well as cleaning and inspection/metrology systems.

Ezzi Vision

Ezzi Vision Pty Ltd, are distributors for Edwards Vacuum Pumps, MBraun Glove-Box Systems, Hiden Analytical Mass Spectrometers, France-Etuves Vacuum Ovens, Vacuum Fittings, Thyracont Vacuum gauges, Freeze Dryers and more….

Ezzi Vision has a highly skilled technical team and a specially equipped workshop facility in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth providing both Sales and Service support.

NanoTechnology Solutions

We offer sophisticated, contemporary and highly efficient solutions to meet research challenges in Australian laboratories. Our commitment towards providing exceptional customer service and making innovative instrumentation available to local researchers through our partnership with leading global manufacturers enables us to offer complete solutions for Nanotechnology applications. 

We offer solutions for Electron Microscopy, Scanning Probe Microscopy, 3D Surface Profiling, in-situ mechanical testing (nano-indentation, tensile/compression), in-situ Raman Spectroscopy (TEM/SEM/FIB/AFM), in-situ heating/cooling, FIB Lift-out, plasma cleaning, vibration isolation (TEM/SEM/FIB/AFM), Contact-Angle measurement and electrospinning.

Plasma-Therm distributed by Eden LAB

Plasma-Therm is a global manufacturer of advanced plasma processing equipment. Its tools and processes are used to support manufacturing needs in etch, deposition, material modification, and plasma dicing technologies. The company serves the semiconductor and compound semiconductor industries in developing solutions for the wireless, power device, MEMS, photonics, advanced packaging, and data storage markets. With locations in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Plasma-Therm meets the diverse needs of its customers with exceptional customer service. To learn more visit


Scitek offers tailored solutions for surface science, nano-characterisation, and nano-fabrication. Our consultative method involves grasping your unique requirements and crafting suitable answers. We understand the blend of technologies, often from diverse manufacturers, required to meet experimental goals. Unlike single-technology agents, we provide quality research tools from a curated global selection, avoiding bias.

Warsash Scientific

Warsash Scientific is a leading supplier of scientific instruments serving Australian and New Zealand research, defence, and industry since 1976. We specialise in Nanopositioning, Spectroscopy, Lasers and photonics accessories, MEMS, Vibration Analysis, Thermal Monitoring and Thin Film technologies.   

Over 40 years Warsash Scientific has built a network of suppliers, all leaders in their fields, providing unique technologies across a broad spectrum of photonics-related applications.  Our staff have a combined experience of well over 50 years in sales, service and application support.


As a leading manufacturer of microscopes ZEISS offers inspiring solutions and services for your life sciences and materials research, teaching and clinical routine. 

With its unique portfolio, constant innovations and strong partnerships, ZEISS Microscopy enables leading researchers to find answers to our society’s most pressing challenges and drive scientific discovery forward. A dedicated and well-trained sales force and a responsive service team enable customers to use their ZEISS microscopes to their full potential.