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Dr Josiah Firth
Process Engineer
Josiah is a process engineer with a special interest in microfabrication of biomedical devices utilising deep plasma etch processes (DRIE), plasma deposition (sputtering, PECVD) and metallization techniques including PVD and electroplating. He started his time at UNSW with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering (photonics) followed by a PhD fabricating a prototype device to investigate the use of liquid crystal-based sensor technology for use as a brain-machine-interface. He has worked in various capacities at ANFF-NSW since 2015 transitioning to the role of process engineer in 2017. His role includes a wide array of tool and process training, especially around photolithography, metal and oxide deposition and ITO. Other areas of interest include ellipsometry and more recently ion-implantation. Still actively involved in biomedical device fabrication research, he spreads his time between training lab-users, running client processes and assisting the technical team.
University of New South Wales
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