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Pierrette Michaux
Process Engineer
Pierrette Michaux is a Process Engineer specialising in Nanofabrication. Pierrette completed an Advanced Diploma in Chemistry in 2002, then in 2005 a Master degree in Materials Science at the Engineering College of Industrial Ceramics in France. Pierrette started her career in the Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatment Laboratory, a division of the French governmental research organization. As a research engineer, she pursued applied research activities in the field of renewable energies, and specifically in emerging processes for Hydrogen production. She developed her area of competences in nanometer sized powders synthesis and nanostructured deposits elaboration. She has experience in many manufacturing processes for oxide based materials and is proficient with numerous physico-chemical characterization techniques. In 2011 Pierrette joined the Victoria-Suntech Advanced Solar Facility at Swinburne University as a Laboratory Technician. In this role, Pierrette co-ordinated operation of various nanofabrication equipment (including electron-beam lithography, ion-beam lithography, PECVD and sputter systems) and was responsible for development of a variety of processes including specialised PDMS processing for a variety of applications. Pierrette joined the ANFF-NSW team in 2014 as a Process Engineer.
University of New South Wales
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