Laboratory Infrastructure


Focus on improvement of diamond nanofabrication processed in diamond membranes.

Rao Saladi

John maintains equipment and provides general infrastructure support.


Dr Horst Punzmann is an experimentalist in plasma physics and fluid mechanics.


Bernie is responsible for the management of the technical engineering teams and as the Quality Manager oversees MCN’s regulatory compliance for ISO9001 certification.

Nyi Nyi Latt

Saw is a Cleanroom Equipment Officer responsible for process tools and equipment maintenance at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney. He worked at A*STAR, Singapore’s leading research facility for more than 7 years supporting the installation and maintenance of SPTS’s DRIE and PECVD tools.


Tim provides support to a range of project and equipment across the Materials Node hub at the University of Newcastle


Sean is the General Manager of the MCN & Victorian node. Sean completed his Bachelors degrees in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2005. He also holds a masters (2007) and a PhD (2010) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. During his graduate …

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Michael’s primary role involves the management of the MCN’s core laboratory operations, facility infrastructure and OHS practice, as well the planning, installation and commissioning of new equipment, capital works, refurbishments, and upgrades.


Aung Gyi is working as Senior Technical Officer, assist in maintaining laboratory process tools and plant in good operating order (including component level electronics repairs); ensuring that hazardous gas storage and delivery system is maintained in good order and his responsibilities span all electrical engineering disciplines but will primarily be in the areas related to …

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Gopakumar Gopi is a Senior Technical Officer responsible for equipment and plant maintenance at UNSW. Prior to joining ANFF, he has worked as a maintenance technician in STM Singapore. His other professional experience includes working as a network engineer at Broadspectrum on NBN project, as a maintenance professional at Halliburton Australia in the oil and …

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Ken is the Technical Manager, he is responsible for upgrades to the cleanroom itself and equipment within it, he has an internal and external networks of support staff.


Prior to joining ANFF-SA, Simon worked as a development manager for a medical device company. He was employed at CSIRO in the Division of Manufacturing Science and Technology before working as a Product Development Manager for a start-up medical device company involved with catheter tracking technologies. Prior to this he was in the UK, in …

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