Laboratory Infrastructure


Sampath joined ANFF-Qld as a Service Engineer in 2023, focuses on maintaining instruments and lab facilities, leads facility improvement projects, and commissioning of new equipment and processes of ANFF-Qld at The University of Queensland. With a PhD in chemical sciences from the University of Peradeniya (2015), he pursued a postdoctoral research fellowship at Toyota Technological …

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Erick received his PhD in Physics from the University of Queensland in Australia. As a postdoctoral fellow his research focused on the fundamental origins of nanomechanical dissipation, high precision sensing, hybrid systems, integrated photonics and phononics. Erick currently works at the Australian National Fabrication Facility supporting and developing nanofabrication processes. His expertise profile is quite …

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Senior Technical Officer with a profound background in micro/nano fabrication techniques. Specialising in PVD, dry etching, FIB, and EBL, driving innovations in optics and photonics. Accomplished projects include nitrogen gas line remediation and Bio-print lab renovation. Passionate about pushing scientific boundaries and supporting researchers.


Selvaraj (Raj) Nagarajan is a Senior Equipment Engineer at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney. Raj has significant equipment maintenance and installation experience gained across semiconductor research and manufacturing industries. He has a proven track record of providing equipment and process engineering support to enhance best outcomes for organisations and groups. Recent roles at Microsoft Quantum involved …

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Lim Wu Sim is a Senior Process Engineer – Nanofabrication at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney. Lim has been part of Australia’s semiconductor industry for more than a decade, with experience in a variety of projects across academia and industry, most recently working in Microsoft’s team developing a quantum computer. He is knowledgeable in end-to-end device …

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Al Faruque

Md Abdullah Al Faruque completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Science degree in Textile Engineering from Bangladesh University of Textiles in Bangladesh. Then he started his career as Production Engineer at Akij Textiles Mills Limited. Thereafter, he was working as an Assistant Professor at the Bangladesh University of Textiles. In 2017, he started his PhD …

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OH&S, specialist laboratory and equipment operational maintenance.


Process Engineer focussing on optical fibre fabrication


Alson is a specialist in Mid-IR glass fabrication, focusing on ZBLAN, Tellurite, and Germanate glasses. He excels in managing analytical facilities and operating instruments such as Dilatometers, UV-vis spectrophotometers, FTIR, DSC, TGA, STA-MS, and Optical Profilometers. Alson’s expertise extends to designing, installing, and commissioning glass fabrication equipment, including high-temperature furnaces, gloveboxes, and chemical etching facilities. …

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Focus on improvement of diamond nanofabrication processed in diamond membranes.

Rao Saladi

John maintains equipment and provides general infrastructure support.


Dr Horst Punzmann is an experimentalist in plasma physics and fluid mechanics.