Modelling and Device Design


Denny previously worked for research institutions in Taiwan, where he was responsible for coordinating and advancing the process of innovative medical device design as well as developing technology solutions. He has participated in all stages of the innovative medical device research and development process, from project initiation to technology transfer and patent application.


Gilberto provides support from device design and process development, to device characterisation and optimisation


Andrew is the Facility Projects Manger at ANFF-NSW. He is former Senior Process Engineer, and his areas of expertise include UV photolithography and electron beam lithography. As an joint area supervisor, he is responsible for the operations in the lower east cleanroom facility.


Sudhakar worked as a tool and die maker in India for Tata Ficosa Automotive Systems, then moved to Singapore, where he did manual machining for airport ground equipment support and tooling design support for a Singapore Airlines contractor. After migrating to Australia, Sudhakar worked as a CNC machinist at Extreme Machining Australia and Gearhart United …

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Dr Horst Punzmann is an experimentalist in plasma physics and fluid mechanics.


For the past 3 years, Billy has adapted his skills from large scale, high volume manufacturing to micro scale prototyping specialising in skin cell collecting micro biopsy devices at UniSA. Billy joined ANFF in 2021 with a focus on assisting with expanding the micro injection moulding capability.


Dr Juan Li specialises in design, fabrication, and testing of micro and nanoscale devices. She helps researchers, start-ups and companies turn their ideas into viable prototypes and products for applications such as microfluidics, biomedical sensing, and semiconductor research. She provides consulting services, technical support and training in the areas of CAD design, photolithography, direct write …

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I am Design Engineer based at the Translational Research Initiative for Cell Engineering and Printing (TRICEP), responsible for assisting researchers and commercial clients to realise the full potential of the latest advanced manufacturing technologies. I also operate and maintain the extensive range of advanced manufacturing devices we have at TRICEP.


Hemendra assists the technical manager in the maintenance and upkeep of tools such as the MA6 mask aligner, Plamslab 100 ICPRIE system, Sentech instruments ICPECVD system, and thermal evaporation systems.


Working with medical practitioners, researchers and allied health she has developed many technology solutions incorporating sensing, electronics, software, data analysis and wireless communications. Jodie has been involved across all stages of the research and development process from literature review and project scoping, through design and development, to assembly and user trials. She enjoys the challenge …

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Jacky is responsible for the electron-beam lithography system and has expertise in a variety of nanofabrication techniques. As a process engineer at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney, he has expertise in CAD design, e-beam and photolithography, thin-film deposition, and wet chemical processes.


Adam Fahy is a Support Officer for the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) within the Newcastle Hub of the Materials Node.