Testing and validation


Zaw Htoo (Ethan) Aung bring 27+ years of extensive international experience including 16+ years in the semiconductor manufacturing sector combined with 8 years in senior operational and commercial management and leadership positions across various industries and regions across Asia and Australia. During his 16+ years in the semiconductor manufacturing sector, Ethan has worked in various …

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Dr Siqi Deng joined the MCN in April 2024 as a Process Engineer within the Etch/Litho team. Siqi earned both his Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Materials Science and Engineering and his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Monash University. His doctoral research centred on the fabrication of back-contact electrodes for perovskite solar cells. Siqi possesses a …

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Victor is an expert in a multidisciplinary domain spanning nanotechnology, polymer manufacturing, surface engineering, micro/nano-systems development and biological systems. He is the Deputy Director and a Technology Ambassador of the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (ANFF-Vic), Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at Monash University and co-founder and CSO of Proton Intelligence. He is one …

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Rob Elliman is an Emeritus Professor of Physics in the Research School of Physics at the Australian National University (ANU) and Director of the ANU ion-implantation Laboratory (iiLab), a node of the NCRIS Heavy Ion Accelerator Capability. His fields of research include: nanotechnology; semiconductor materials science, oxide-based electronics, memristive-switching in transition-metal oxides, ion-implantation and ion-beam …

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Chenglong Xu has 10+ years of experience in atomic force microscopy (AFM) and other metrology instruments. He is managing metrology and wave-matter interaction labs in RMIT, and working on AFM, NanoFTIR, Raman/Photoluminescence, 3D optical profiler, Ellipsometer, etc.


Dr Xiaoming Sun joined ANFF-Qld in 2022 as a Senior Principal Scientist. She provides consultation, training, and technical support on atomic force microscopy (AFM) and confocal microscopy analysis. Her expertise areas are in the design and advanced characterizations of structured nanomaterials, particularly in the electrochemistry and energy-related fields. She obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering in …

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See Yoong is a research officer at the Centre of Materials and Surface Science (CMSS) at La Trobe University, which manages sample analysis instruments including the XPS, ToF-SIMS, Scanning Auger Nanoprobe (SAN), XRD, and Contact Angle Measurement equipment (CAM). To ensure that the samples meet the conditions for analysis, CMSS also houses various sample preparation …

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Sarah is currently completing her PhD in surface science and machine learning. She has experience using XPS and is a ToF-SIMS expert, conducting experiments on a broad range of sample types from organics such as biological materials, polymers and paper to inorganics such as minerals, glass, silicon wafers and diamond. Sarah has teaching and training …

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Professor Karen Reynolds is Director of the Medical Device Research Institute at Flinders University. As a Biomedical Engineer, she is passionate about connecting research and industry to ensure effective research translation. In 2008, she founded the Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) Ideas Incubator, a program designed to facilitate early-stage innovation and collaborations across the MedTech …

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Erick received his PhD in Physics from the University of Queensland in Australia. As a postdoctoral fellow his research focused on the fundamental origins of nanomechanical dissipation, high precision sensing, hybrid systems, integrated photonics and phononics. Erick currently works at the Australian National Fabrication Facility supporting and developing nanofabrication processes. His expertise profile is quite …

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Process Engineer focussing on optical fibre fabrication


Alson is a specialist in Mid-IR glass fabrication, focusing on ZBLAN, Tellurite, and Germanate glasses. He excels in managing analytical facilities and operating instruments such as Dilatometers, UV-vis spectrophotometers, FTIR, DSC, TGA, STA-MS, and Optical Profilometers. Alson’s expertise extends to designing, installing, and commissioning glass fabrication equipment, including high-temperature furnaces, gloveboxes, and chemical etching facilities. …

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