Testing and validation


Dr Bingzhao Xia joined ANFF-Qld in 2020 as a Senior Professional Officer and provides training on soft lithography and the microfluidics platform. His expertise areas are in design and characterisation of droplet-based microfluidic systems. He obtained his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Wyoming, USA, in 2016, where he developed a nitrogen purged …

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Natasha is the Research Director of CSIRO’s Materials Characterisation and Modelling program at CSIRO Manufacturing and also manages access/contacts for CSIROs in-kind offerings to the Victorian node.


Michael is the current Node director of the Optofab node and co-founder and CEO of start-up Modular Photonics, and a CSIRO ON alumni. Modular Photonics, a spin out from Macquarie University, manufactures award winning glass-microchip devices that increase data transmission rates and reach in legacy public and enterprise optical fibre networks.


Dr Kaushal Vora has broad experience in developing nanofabrication processes, cleanroom operations and user training.


Gayatri trains and helps users with EBL matters, and supports other tools including the etching suite, electron-beam evaporation and SEM-CL.


Gilberto provides support from device design and process development, to device characterisation and optimisation


Hemayet provides technical support and integration to ARC Centre of Excellence, and provides grant application support, in addition to managing a number of nanolithography and characterisation instruments


Dhirendra handles micro fabrication, processing and materials-characterisation at ANFF WA node


Elena is the Interim manager of Melbourne University’s Materials Characterisation & Fabrication Platform (MCFP) which houses a suite of in-kind instrumentation that is made available as a part of the Victorian node of ANFF.


Joanna Szymanska is the process engineer responsible for technical management of semiconductor processing within ANFF Facility. Responsible for provision of training, and new microfabrication process development. As area supervisor she’s also responsible for operation and maintenance of upper east and west part of the ANFF Facility. Her area of expertise is EBL -Raith 150TWO system, …

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Dr. Michael Stuiber joined the MCN as the new team member of the nanolithography and characterisation team in November 2019 with a primary focus on supporting the electron beam lithography capability. Prior to joining the MCN, Michael worked as a research assistant and teaching support fellow in the School of Physics at the University of …

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