Technology Stories

Quantum tech is taking effect

The quantum sector is nearing the tipping point of its transition from R&D into real-world applications. Sydney’s “Quantum Harbour” is leading the way with its critical mass of world-class researchers and infrastructure, ready for the next leap in quantum technology.

Mupharma’s bright future seen clearly

An exciting Melbourne start-up has developed a highly novel non-invasive device that could avoid the need for intraocular injections to deliver drugs to the eye.

New era in X-ray imaging

In-depth imaging is now available on the move thanks to Adelaide-based medical device manufacturer, Micro-X, which has commercialised a new way of producing x-rays.

Carbon qubit starts to sparkle

Archer Materials Limited has demonstrated conductivity in its prototype qubit component, a significant milestone in the ASX-listed company’s pursuit of developing quantum computing technologies.