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The 2022 ANFF National Staff Retreat provided a great opportunity for the ANFF community to come together in person for the first time in 3 years.

Hosted by ANFF-ACT and The Australian National University’s Research School of Physics, the Staff Retreat took place in ANU’s fabulous new Building 160 research facility.

The first keynote speaker of the retreat was Alex Procailo, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Research Policy and Programs Branch in the Department of Education. This branch includes responsibility for National Research Infrastructure and university research funding. Her keynote address provided participants with a valuable summary of Research funding for national research infrastructure (NRI).

Attendees were delighted to hear about the underlying design of the new Building 160 research facility through a presentation by Mark Craig, Senior Associate, Hassell Studio. Mark is a specialist in the design of major institutional, educational and research laboratory projects with over 30 years extensive experience.

The second keynote speaker was Distinguished Professor Chennupati Jagadish, President of the Australian Academy of Science. Prof. Jagadish has been a wonderful contributor to the establishment and growth of the ANFF network, having been with us since our founding in 2007. Jagadish gave an inspiring talk about nano-technology and its future in Australia. We are still reaping the rewards of his time with us and are still learning from his drive, impact on researchers around him, and scientific expertise.

Through group problem solving and team building activities, staff members were able to meet with peers and colleagues face to face and to strengthen and deepen relationships that are a critical ingredient to the success of the ANFF network. As always, this event will continue to build the ‘Foundation of Growth’ so that we can be stronger together.

Witness the events of the 2022 ANFF Staff Retreat with this short Youtube video.