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Amaero International, Swinburne University of Technology, and ANFF have entered into a collaborative research project aimed at creating protective coatings for metal components used in aviation, space, defence, and high temperature processing applications.

The project’s aim is to develop coatings for internal turbine engine surfaces and nozzles. Specifically, the team will aim to advance Compliant Multilayer Environmental Barrier Coatings (‚ÄúEBCs‚Äù) that can be applied to rocket engine components.

The collaboration promises to be a fantastic example of industry/academic collaboration, highlighting the global significance of Australia’s research capability and the growing presence of Australian technology within the aerospace and additive manufacturing sectors.

Amaero is a pioneer in metal additive manufacturing, and will bring all of it’s 3D printing expertise to the project, while Swinburne’s unique understanding of EBC fabrication capabilities, design, and testing. The collaboration was brokered by ANFF, and the open access network will be available throughout to provide micro/nanofabrication support and expertise.

Commenting on the announcement, ANFF CEO Dr Ian Griffiths said: ‚ÄúIt’s a pleasure for ANFF to have had a hand in bringing together these two leaders in their respective fields. Amaero are long-term clients of ANFF through various sites, and Swinburne has been part of our network since it’s inception.

‚ÄúThe collaboration has real promise. Two Swinburne PhD students will be funded by Amaero to work on the project, they’ll gain invaluable experience working in a hybrid academic and industrial environment. They’ll benefit from Swinburne’s incredible research pedigree while the University furthers it’s understanding of this type of coating. And the students will be solving a problem that poses real benefit to both Amaero and Australia’s advanced manufacturing sector. Everyone’s a winner.”

Read the ASX announcement about this project here, or find out more on the Swinburne website here.