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ANFF is seeking two Client Engagement Facilitator to join the headquarters team.

Distributed across the country, the roles have been created to support the execution of ANFF’s new strategic direction, the successful applicant will be working with clients and stakeholders alike to maximise the network’s impact.

The Positions

As a Client Engagement Facilitator, you will deliver three key outcomes:

  • Maximise the impact of ANFF’s interactions with industry by building strong relationships with our external stakeholders and facilitating access to our service offerings;
  • Identify strategic projects that in collaboration with ANFF’s service offerings improves sovereign capability in our target industry sectors; and
  • Effectively identifying novel intellectual property and technology companies that can be referred to ANFF’s commercial arm.

The currently available positions are industry specific and they will be located in each of the following states:

Victoria or Queensland – Medtech; click here to view the position.
NSW or ACT – Quantum and Photonics; click here to view the position.