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ANFF’s former CEO, Rosie Hicks, has had her auspicious career recognised by Macquarie University with the award of the degree of Doctor of Science (honoris causa).

Rosie was integral to the founding of ANFF in 2007, and has played a key role in developing Australia’s research infrastructure landscape for the better part of two decades.

Having turned ANFF into one of the largest micro and nanofabrication providers in the world, and a network that serves nearly 3,000 people annually, Rosie moved on in 2019 to take the helm at the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), an exit that we might one day forgive her for.

‘As its inaugural CEO, Rosie played a key role in establishing the collaborative culture of ANFF, which has served it so well since. With every best wish from the ANFF community’ Emeritus Professor Chris Fell, Chair, ANFF.

The current success of Australian Research Infrastructure owes a lot to the wonderful Rosie Hicks. She is a leader, a mentor and someone who can build a clear consensus around her vision. All of us in this sector hope she keeps improving what we do for many years to come.’ Jane Fitzpatrick, CEO of ANFF.

Rosie has dedicated her career to supporting the growth of world-class research infrastructure networks. The Australian research sector is a more productive place because of her work, and because of the networks she has established. ANFF congratulates her on this recognition, and wishes her many more years of success.