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The final instalment of the Nanovacuum / Heidelberg webinar series will be held on 26 August at 4pm AEST. It’ll be focused on the companies proprietary Nanofrazor systems, which can be accessed at the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN).

NanoFrazor lithography systems were developed as a first true alternative or extension to standard mask-less nanolithography methods like electron beam lithography (EBL). In contrast to EBL they are based on thermal scanning probe lithography (t-SPL). Here a heatable ultra-sharp probe tip with an apex of a few nm is used for patterning and simultaneously inspecting complex nanostructures.

The application range for this new nanolithography technique is very broad. The webinar will include examples for high-quality metal contacting of 2D materials, tuning photonic molecules, generating nanofluidic devices and generating spintronic circuits. Some of these applications have been enabled only due to the various unique capabilities of NanoFrazor lithography like the absence of damage from a charged particle beam.

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