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The Australian National Fabrication Facility Ltd (ANFF) has officially appointed Andrew Brawley as interim Chair of its Board of Directors.

Following the sudden passing of Board Chair Emeritus Professor Chris Fell in December 2022, Andy Brawley was elected by the ANFF Board in February 2023 to assume this leadership role, ensuring the network can continue to operate smoothly.

A former Vice-President of Manufacturing for Silanna Semiconductors and CEO of Sapphicon Semiconductors, Andy has extensive experience in, and knowledge of, the semiconductor industry especially in Australia. In addition, he has long standing experience in financial management.

Andy was instrumental in the establishment of the ANFF organisation in 2007 as one of nine original research infrastructure facilities established under the Commonwealth’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). He currently serves as the Board’s Chair of the Audit and Risk Management Committee.

Regarding his new role on the Board, Andy remarked, ‘As a Director from the inception of ANFF I am looking forward to supporting and filling the role of interim ANFF Chair, especially at the current time when there is so much activity and continued growth both in the infrastructure and the manufacturing sectors.’

‘I am delighted that I will get a chance to work more closely with Andy Brawley when so many initiatives are underway,’ said Jane Fitzpatrick, CEO of ANFF. ‘He is someone who has immense expertise and wisdom in the areas where ANFF is very active.’

Andy will lead the Board through the next steps in recruiting a new board member and a long-term Chair.