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The Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) applauds the discussion raised within the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) policy paper “Australia’s semiconductor national moonshot”, announced today.

The past few years have demonstrated the critical importance of ensuring a secure supply of semiconductors that are used in everything from the latest super computers to the washing machine in your laundry. These components are also key tools in the advanced manufacturing industries that ANFF is building across its national priorities.

In reviewing the policy paper, ANFF welcomes the recognition that it is a key player in underpinning Australia’s innovation ecosystem through open access to world class fabrication and characterisation capabilities, specialising in micro and nanofabrication, with over 500 pieces of specialist equipment and 130 experts accessed across ANFF’s 21 sites.

Specifically, this includes expertise in composite semiconductors and the provision of support for the trailing edge applications as outlined by the ASPI.

ANFF has global relationships with similar organisations and notes the approach taken in this report is evidence based and provides sensible examples from other jurisdictions on how to rapidly scale Australia’s manufacturing in this critical technology. This will allow the leveraging of ‘friend shoring’ to secure the parts of the supply chain where Australia cannot compete to ensure a value for money approach in getting what is needed for Australia.

Domestically, ANFF confirms it has the community to help develop the onshore industry through IP pull and is a critical enabler to build the skills and workforce needed to support this important new industry.

ANFF is also a key partner of the Semiconductor Service Bureau (S3B) and looks forward to collaborating with leading experts from the University of Sydney, Macquarie University, the University of New South Wales, and CSIRO to enhance Australia’s semiconductor capabilities and increase Australia’s participation in the global semiconductor market.

ANFF stands ready to share its experience and expertise with the Government of the day, research organisations and industry about how to successfully land the opportunity outlined by ASPI in their policy paper.

Click here to read the policy brief.