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The Queensland Quantum Optics Laboratory is looking for enthusiastic, talented and highly motivated students to join us for PhDs in quantum nanoscience and precision measurement.

The laboratory takes the technologies in kilometre-scale gravitational wave observatories, miniaturises them onto a silicon chip and into an optical microscope, and applies them to answer both to fundamental questions in quantum nanoscience, and to build new technologies for sensing, communication, aerospace and biomedicine.

Their research ranges from the deepest fundamentals of quantum mechanics (how do superpositions collapse?, and how does quantum physics play with general relativity?), to the complex behaviour of quantum liquids controlled with laser light on a chip (How do quantum vortices move?, and how does quantum turbulence work?), to the development of next generation quantum technologies such as biological microscopes that operate beyond the limits of classical physics, to exquisitely precise sensors that could enable the next generation of magnetic imaging (MRI/MEG), communications and navigation technologies.

The team have PhD positions open in a range of areas including:

·         quantum microscopy,

·         superfluid quantum devices and dynamics,

·         nanomechanical computing,

·         imaging motor molecules and their living dynamics within cells, and

·         precision magnetometry, ultrasound and inertial sensing.

The UQ lab is a positive environment, full of people seeking to make a difference to both the understanding of the world around us and to future technologies. The team has longstanding collaborations with partners including NASA and Lockheed Martin, seeking to take research into applications. You can find more information about us here:

If this sounds interesting to you, and you have a strong background in physics, nanotechnology, photonics, the biosciences, or engineering, get in touch with me (Prof Warwick Bowen, and he would be delighted to discuss with you how you might fit into the team.