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ANFF has launched a completely free collection of nanofabrication courses.

Absolutely anyone can access this new learning tool – click here create your account today!

The platform, called ANFF Enlightened, will give you the micro and nanofabrication knowledge to take your projects further, faster.

It’s been designed to provide you with a foundation of process theory that makes training more efficient. In understanding more about how nanofabrication works before getting into ANFF labs, you’ll be able to ask our expert engineers more specific and in-depth questions when you get on the tools.

The courses feature overviews as well as tool specific information, with quick quizzes and assessments to help you cement your learning.

You’ll be asked by ANFF staff to undertake specific courses as per the needs of your project, but you’ll be able to access the full suite of courses to help you plan ahead, anticipate alternatives, or simply satisfy curiosities about other capabilities.

In addition to speeding up your access to equipment, the platform provides consistent information between our many sites, and creates a repository of knowledge that you can reference at any time.

You can sign yourself up even if you’re not an ANFF client and have a look around by clicking here:


Currently, 9 courses are available, with more coming thick and fast.

Completed courses are:

  • FIB Milling,
  • Soft Lithography / PDMS,
  • Development,
  • Etching,
  • Reactive Ion etching (RIE), Inductively coupled plasma RIE (ICP-RIE) and Bosch process,
  • Sputtering,
  • EBL,
  • Specialised environments, and
  • Plasma polymerisation

These courses will be ready early next year:

  • Wafer dicing
  • Lithography
  • Surface preparation
  • Resist application