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The Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) is delighted to announce Dr Janie Brooks as its new Communications Officer.

Janie comes to us with over 20 years’ experience in academia and scientific communications. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in life sciences, nanotechnology, and scientific communication at prominent academic institutions in the United States and South Korea. Her research expertise spans the life sciences with publications in diverse areas such as ecology, animal behaviour, epigenetics, natural products chemistry, toxicology, and pharmacology. Her recent academic positions at the South Korean Institute for Basic Science – Center for Nanomedicine and the Integrated Science and Engineering Division in Yonsei University’s Underwood International College allowed her to develop courses such as nanobiotechnology that explore the convergence of life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering.

After spending the last 14+ years at universities and research institutes in South Korea, Janie is relocating to Australia through the Global Australia Taskforce’s Global Talent Independent (GTI) Visa Program. This program seeks extraordinary individuals to bring their talents to Australia and make their mark in Australia’s future-focused industries and technologies. With ANFF’s support and nomination for the GTI Program, Janie has been awarded a Global Talent permanent visa and is excited to join ANFF HQ in Melbourne.

On Janie’s appointment, ANFF CEO Dr Jane Fitzpatrick said, ‘We are delighted that we have found Janie. She will be an incredible asset for us by combining her skills in nanotechnology, science writing and communication of science to tell more people about the amazing stories enabled by ANFF. She is another example of the calibre of people that are attracted to work with the highly successful national research infrastructure landscape that Australia has built.’

In her new role, Janie will prepare case studies and news articles and disseminate facility information for audiences ranging from academic to the general public. She will assist in curriculum development for ANFF’s learning management system, ANFF Enlightened. In addition, Janie will work with senior staff and member partners to develop and implement marketing/communications strategic plans in alignment with the vision and direction of ANFF.

ANFF COO Dr Chris Gourlay commented, ‘As Communications Officer, Janie will play a vital role in enabling ANFF to communicate Australian R&D outcomes to our stakeholders. She will be working with each of ANFF’s 21 teams across the country to ensure consistent and cohesive communication, as well as ensuring the delivery of key events, and managing the communications of the network.’

Janie said, ‘In joining ANFF, I hope to effectively communicate the achievements of Australia’s nanotechnology community to various ANFF stakeholders. My international expertise in health industries and life sciences, nanoscience education, and scientific communication will support ANFF’s mission and will grow and manage ANFF’s reputation as the cornerstone of the Australian nanotechnology R&D sector.’

Get in touch with Janie via her LinkedIn page, or by emailing her at