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Sustainability at ANFF

The Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) is committed to fostering a culture of sustainability across its headquarters and Nodes, as well as in the broader research community. We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment and society. We are committed to advancing sustainable practices in nanofabrication, research and operations, as we strive to minimise negative effects while promoting positive change.

ANFF recognises our responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable future. By embracing sustainable practices, we aim to reduce our environmental impact, promote resource efficiency and drive positive change in the field of nanofabrication. Together with our partners, researchers and stakeholders, our network will lead by example and inspire others to adopt sustainable practices.

Tips for getting started with sustainability

Assemble a group of individuals who share your passion for sustainability. This team will be essential for implementing sustainable practices.
The ANFF expert working group can provide specialised knowledge and insights related to sustainability in nanotechnology and other fields.
Reach out to the team at your university, who deals with sustainability. They can provide guidance, resources, and support for your sustainability initiatives.
Make sustainability a regular topic of conversation during team meetings. Discuss ideas, set goals, and brainstorm ways to promote sustainable practices within your organisation.
Investigate framework programs that align with your sustainability goals. Many host universities offer funding or resources to support sustainability efforts.


Connect with an ANFF expert

Connect with an ANFF expert

See what we have implemented

See what we have implemented

Awards and Celebrations

We are thrilled to announce that our facility has been awarded the esteemed Green level certification by My Green Lab. This prestigious recognition, endorsed by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, underscores our commitment to sustainability and marks us as a leader in environmentally responsible scientific research. Our team’s dedication to reducing costs and preserving resources, while maintaining a safe and vibrant work environment, has positioned us at the forefront of laboratories worldwide striving for a zero-carbon future.

Celebrating our 2024 MCFP Sustainability Grants Awardees!

To mark 10 years of enabling research at the University of Melbourne, the Materials Characterisation and Fabrication Platform (MCFP) pledged $10,000 to advance research on sustainability projects. We are thrilled to announce not only our awardees but also that due to the high-volume and quality of submissions we expanded the funding to include a further $2500 to support more projects. The overall success rate for the grants was 19%.

Click here to view all awardees. 

The ANFF labs at UNSW have been awarded LEAF BRONZE for their efforts in meeting sustainability targets. 

The Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) is an internationally recognised standard for sustainable laboratory operations that helps building a culture of sustainability with improved engagement and collaboration in laboratories around the world.

Recommended Sustainability Models

Embracing sustainability models is a crucial step towards a greener future for laboratories. By signing up to one of the programs listed below or participating in initiatives that promote energy efficiency, waste reduction and sustainable procurement, labs can significantly reduce their environmental footprint. These models provide structured pathways for labs to assess their current practices, set achievable goals and track progress towards more sustainable operations. Starting this journey not only benefits the environment but also often results in cost savings and fosters a culture of innovation and responsibility.

LEAF by University College London (UCL)

Used by ANFF-NSW

The Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) is hosted on an online platform developed by University College London. It involves laboratory groups making small, achievable actions to cut down their environmental impact. These can include action on single-use plastic, reducing energy-intensive processes, better management of waste and saving water.

Used by ANFF-VIC

ACTS Green Impact is a learning and awards program which supports environmentally and socially sustainable practice within organisations. It suggests what people can do in their workplace to make a difference and guides them how to do this in an accessible but meaningful way, creating a widespread culture of sustainability.

My Green Lab

Used by ANFF-VIC's Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN)

My Green Lab is a non-profit organisation dedicated to building a global culture of sustainability in science. It focuses on introducing sustainability to the community responsible for life-changing medical and technical innovations. Recognising that laboratories are some of the most resource-intensive spaces, My Green Lab aims to reduce waste and promote a culture of sustainability within these environments.