ANFF has more than 130 engineers and experts across the country ready to help you achieve your project goals.

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Harness Australia's leaders in fabrication

Our engineers are available and ready to answer questions you may have about their area of expertise. In the first instance, head to our equipment listings if you know what you need, then select the specific tool, and you will find the best email for making contact. 

Client Engagement Facilitators

If you’re not sure where to start, you can contact ANFF HQ directly via the get in touch page or by getting in touch with our Client Engagement Facilitators (CEFs).

The CEF team are the primary contact for those that require assistance finding the best way that ANFF can support a project, or for any industry client whose needs transcend a single ANFF Node. They will also be responsible for the network’s presence within their respective specialist areas, and for matchmaking between businesses and academia where required.

These CEFs will, at no charge to our customers, assist you to define your project and facilitate your entry into Australia’s innovation ecosystem. Choose the relevant expert to streamline your access to ANFF.

Matt Chong

Client Engagement Facilitator
Across network, based in Adelaide
Area of Expertise
Space and Defence

Navin Chandrasekaran

Client Engagement Facilitator
Across network, based in Sydney
Area of Expertise
Quantum and Photonics

Oded VanHam

Client Engagement Facilitator
Across network, based in Melbourne
Area of Expertise
Medical Technologies

Get Enlightened by ANFF

ANFF now offers nanofabrication training online. Click the button below to visit our learning resource, ANFF Enlightened, and gain the fab knowledge required to take your R&D further.