The Australian National Fabrication Facility

Providing access to micro and nanofabrication services to enable Australia’s innovation agenda.

ANFF in numbers

185,321 hours of tool usage recorded
clients helped – average time on tool per client was 67.5 hours
supplies manufactured
instances of process training, an increase of 8% on the previous year
publications that acknowledged ANFF in the calendar year 2020
involving international researchers from 55+ countries
experts on hand to assist clients


Commercialisation Support “Helping great ideas get to market”

Access to facilities

There are two primary pathways in which work can be conducted within ANFF facilities – direct access or fee for service.

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A one-stop nanofabrication shop

ANFF acquires cutting-edge micro and nanofabrication equipment, ensures its upkeep, and makes it accessible to anyone that wishes to use it. The network is able to exceed the aim of simply making equipment available, thanks to its expert engineers.

Our 100+ process specialists push ANFF’s services further and lower the barrier to successful innovation by providing a mixture of advanced training, expert assistance and process development support that isn’t available anywhere else, while continuing to make access to micro and nanofabrication equipment easy.

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