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ANFF celebrates diversity in its staff and clients.

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Open to all

Our open access sites are inclusive environments that are welcome to anyone that wishes to use them.

We recognise that one of our greatest assets is the diversity of our people and the different experiences and perspectives they bring to the organisation. These differences can be sexual orientation, gender, age, language, ethnicity, cultural background, disability, religious beliefs or other lived experiences.

ANFF’s sites are operated by host institutions, each of which has its own inclusion policies and mechanisms for reporting.

However, if you have an experience that leaves you feeling anything but welcome in an ANFF space, please contact ANFF’s CEO, Jane Fitzpatrick (, immediately.

We can take your report to the relevant host institution on your behalf, any comments can be kept confidential if you wish, and we can help to ensure any incidents are handled with the care they deserve.

If you would like to find out more about Diversity and Inclusion policies of ANFF’s university partners, click the relevant link below.

Host Organisations