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In order to oversee the distribution of funding, to implement directives from the various advisory committees and a board of directors, and to govern the national facility in general, ANFF Limited (ANFF), a company limited by guarantee and incorporated in Victoria, was established in 2007.

ANFF HQ staff work across the network to drive national initiatives and seize new opportunities and implement projects that benefit the entire ANFF community.

Node Competencies

ANFF HQ are responsible for oversight of the nano and microfabrication capabilities across the country. We consult our user community to ensure Australia has access to the tools and expertise it needs. In addition, we distribute Commonwealth funds and report on our impact back to Canberra.


Phone: +61 3 9902 9619

ANFF HQ Melbourne

The Australian National Fabrication Facility
151 Wellington Road
Clayton VIC 3168

ANFF HQ Brisbane

East Tower, Level 7, Suite 2
410 Ann Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000

Dr Janie Brooks
Communications Officer
Janie comes to us with over 20 years' experience in academia and scientific communications in the United States and South Korea. As Communications Officer, Janie creates and disseminate the amazing stories enabled by ANFF and will assist in curriculum development for ANFF's learning management system, ANFF Enlightened.
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ANFF HQ Melbourne
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Dr Navin Chandrasekaran
Client Engagement Facilitator | Quantum and Photonics
Navin is an expert in research commercialisation, research co-ordination, and business development. His experiences will be used to aid our Quantum and Photonics clients.
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ANFF Headquarters
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Dr Matthew Chong
Client Engagement Facilitator | Space and Defence
Matt's expertise spans business development, consulting and strategic planning roles across industry, government and academia. At ANFF, he is focused on supporting Space and Defence related projects both in lab and out.
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ANFF Headquarters
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