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Mr See Yoong Wong
Research Officer
See Yoong is a research officer at the Centre of Materials and Surface Science (CMSS) at La Trobe University, which manages sample analysis instruments including the XPS, ToF-SIMS, Scanning Auger Nanoprobe (SAN), XRD, and Contact Angle Measurement equipment (CAM). To ensure that the samples meet the conditions for analysis, CMSS also houses various sample preparation equipment capable of cleaning, coating, cutting, grinding, polishing, and etching. See Yoong's role is to provide support for sample preparation, characterization, and data analysis for a range of projects. He is also experienced in utilizing several statistical techniques (e.g., PCA, PLS regression) and machine learning models (e.g., Self-organising maps) to interpret the dataset in an efficient and objective manner.
La Trobe University
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