Australia is a hotbed of world-class researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs. ANFF is here to make it easier for them to translate their great ideas into successful outcomes.

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A not for profit haven for commercialisation

The network reduces the barriers to commercialisation by providing open and affordable access to $500m-worth of micro and nanofabrication equipment and expertise. We give engineers and entrepreneurs the means to prove concepts, produce prototypes, and refine processes on industry relevant equipment.

We reduce risk, cost, and time in order to increase our clients chance of success and the quality of their outputs.

We’re not for profit

We’re available across Australia, and our portfolio is open to all

In 2021, a new ANFF platform was launched, aimed at realising the commercial potential of new technologies created using ANFF infrastructure.

The broad suite of commercial support is on offer to maximise the success of early-stage ventures as they look towards leaving the nest, headed for the stormy skies of industry.

ANFF-C is a pre-seed fund that uses both its financial and human resources to enable ANFF-derived technologies realise their commercial potential. Its goal is to support the creation of scalable companies, creating new jobs and ensuring Australia’s continued economic prosperity

If you’d like to find out more about ANFF-C, contact John R Morrison.

Learn more about ANFF-C

Download the ANFF-C prospectus to find out more about how the Network can support the translation of your technologies.

ANFF-C Manufacturing Series

ANFF-C Seminar: Drivers for Growth

Prof Alan Broadfoot, Executive Director of NIER and former CEO of Ampcontrol, will share his insights on growing manufacturing businesses in the energy, resources, food and water sectors.

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