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The 2022 Frater Awards have been announced, with seven successful individuals being awarded the opportunity to accumulate knowledge, develop higher-level skills and pursue advanced training.

The Frater Awards are an annual professional development award given to ANFF staff to enable exceptional engineers and administrative staff to foster technical and professional growth via national or international activities. The awards are named after ANFF’s first chairman, Dr Robert Frater AO, who keenly supported the development of young researchers throughout his most distinguished career in advanced microelectronics and as Deputy CEO of CSIRO.

In addition, this year the ANFF organisation recognised two outstanding ANFF-Vic engineers with the Career Development Award, funded with monies from the ANFF Travel Fund and used to boost the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication’s (MCN) capabilities through multi-node collaboration.

‘In research it is not often where you are given the support and opportunity in professional skills & development. Through this award, I can afford to attend courses and seek education that would otherwise not be possible,’ said ANFF-Materials engineer Johnson Chung.

‘I would like to thank ANFF for showing their support of sustainability initiatives,’ said MCN Team Leader Tatiana Pinedo Rivera. ‘With this award, I will be doing an online course on Leadership in Sustainability. My goal is to start a community of sustainability practice in cleanrooms/labs and help ANFF set an example for other micro and nanofabrication facilities.’

Frater Awardees:

Anders Barlow, University of Melbourne – Advanced Raman-PL Applications and Maintenance Training
Navin Chandrasekaran, ANFF-HQ – Delivering the Quantum Promise
Johnson Chung, University of Wollongong – Leadership Course and Business Fundamentals
Elle Gardner, University of Queensland – ANFF-Q Administration 2023 Skills Development
Ethel Ilagan, University of Sydney – Microfluidics Laboratory Visit and Benchmarking
Tatiana Pinedo Rivera, MCN – MIT course ‘Sustainability: Strategies and Opportunities for Industry’
Hemayet Uddin, MCN – Advanced Training for NanoFrazor and NeaSNOM nanoFTIR

Career Development Awardees:

Vahid Adineh, MCN – Advanced Training in Laser Material Processing at ANFF-Optofab
Yang Lim, MCN – Networking Opportunities for Heidelberg Direct-Write Laser System Engineers at ANFF-Q, ANFF-WA and ANFF-NSW

ANFF CEO Jane Fitzpatrick applauds these 2022 recipients, ‘The core of ANFF’s amazing success is the people that provide their energy and expertise to ensure our clients achieve their goals. Every year we recognise some of this amazing cohort of talent through the Frater Awards. This year’s awardees are worthy additions to the Frater alumni, and we all look forward to seeing how they apply their new skills.’