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At the Queensland Quantum Optics Lab we have pioneered a new approach to magnetic sensing with unprecedented performance. With Orica, a world-leading company driving mining and geotechnical innovation, we aim to apply this to transform through-earth communications. Through this PhD opportunity, you can join us to bring quantum and precision technologies into real-world applications.

The project will involve nanofabrication, photonics, laboratory experimentation, computer simulations, and experimentation in the field. Through it, the successful candidate will develop a wide range of skills for a career driving innovative in industry or academia.

The successful candidate will be exposed to world leading research on quantum technologies and their applications in diverse fields from aerospace to defence and medical technologies. Their supervisory team will include Prof Warwick Bowen, director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Quantum Biotechnology, and Dr. Rodney Appleby, Senior Scientific Associate in emerging technology at Orica with over 30 years of experience in product development.

Applicants should be enthusiastic about physics and its technological applications. The ideal applicant should hold an Honours or Master’s degree in physics or engineering.

For more information about this amazing opportunity, go to this Find A PhD ad or contact Professor Warrwick Bowen