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Mr Roger Ackroyd
Senior Process Engineer - Nanofabrication
Roger is a Senior Process Engineer - Nanofabrication at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney. He spent the last 4 years working as a nanofabrication process engineer for Microsoft Quantum. In this role, and prior to this at UNSW, he worked on several devices and materials systems, including superconductors, semiconductors, qubits, microwave resonators, Josephson junctions, and SQUIDs. His focus is on process development, process improvement, and scale-up.
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NSW Node
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Dr Vahid Adineh
Process Engineer
Vahid joined MCN in November 2017 having obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Engineering at Monash University. Vahid previously worked as a lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IAU-Saveh Branch, Saveh, Iran. At MCN, Vahid is a part of thin film deposition team and is responsible for the diamond deposition and atomic layer deposition tools as well as Ellipsometry and Dicing equipment. His principal areas of research comprise the use of advanced nanofabrication and novel microscopy methods for multidimensional nanoscale imaging and characterisation of insulated and biological materials, particularly cellular imaging targeting antibiotic resistance.
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Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication
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Jarek Antoszewski
Senior MBE engineer
Jarek is providing expertise in IR detectors fabrication and characterisation.
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University of Western Australia
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Dr Matthew Barr
Senior Support Officer
Matthew is a research associate and support officer in the Centre for Organic Electronics (COE), which comprises one half of the Materials Node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF).
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University of Newcastle
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Nelson Briones
Facility & Program Manager
Nelson has expertise in high vacuum systems, electronics, and facilities management. As Cleanroom Equipment Engineer at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney, he is responsible for equipment maintenance, electronics, mechanics, managing hazardous materials, and coding for our security systems.
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University of Sydney
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Dr Ravi Chandra Raju Nagiri
Senior Professional Officer
As a Senior Professional Officer at the ANFF-Qld, Dr Ravi Chandra Raju Nagiri is responsible for handling the state-of-the-art nano/micro fabrication, processing and materials-characterisation facilities. He provides instrument operational training, service, and expert-support to the research clients from academic, industry and Australian government R&D.
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University of Queensland
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Sukanta Debbarma
Processing Officer
Sukanta maintains and performs processes for chalcogenide technologies on behalf of users.
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Australian National University
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Dr Josiah Firth
Process Engineer
Josiah is a process engineer with a special interest in microfabrication of biomedical devices utilising deep plasma etch processes (DRIE), plasma deposition (sputtering, PECVD) and metallization techniques including PVD and electroplating. He started his time at UNSW with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering (photonics) followed by a PhD fabricating a prototype device to investigate the use of liquid crystal-based sensor technology for use as a brain-machine-interface. He has worked in various capacities at ANFF-NSW since 2015 transitioning to the role of process engineer in 2017. His role includes a wide array of tool and process training, especially around photolithography, metal and oxide deposition and ITO. Other areas of interest include ellipsometry and more recently ion-implantation. Still actively involved in biomedical device fabrication research, he spreads his time between training lab-users, running client processes and assisting the technical team.
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University of New South Wales
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Dr Mark Gross
Senior Technical Officer
Mark Gross is a Senior Technical Officer. He has worked for more than 35 years in the areas of plasma physics, thin film processing and semiconductor process engineering. He currently provides a range of skills including equipment maintenance and operation, optical characterization, plasma processing and tool design and modification. Mark received a PhD in experimental physics from the University of Sydney in 1985. He initially worked as a research scientist in plasma processing at the Microelectronics Research Centre in Electrical Engineering at UNSW, which later became the Semiconductor Nanofabrication Facility, the precursor to ANFF. He was also an experimental scientist at the CSIRO Division of Materials Science where he worked on optical thin film coating technologies. He joined ANFF in 2015.
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University of New South Wales
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