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Pictured (l to r): Michael Stuiber, Gopakumar Gopi, John Rao Saladi, Belinda Turner, Ash Dyer and Huajun Shen. Not pictured: Gloria Qiu and Liguo Luo.

The 2023 Frater and Career Development Awards have been announced, with eight successful individuals being awarded the opportunity to accumulate knowledge, develop higher-level skills and pursue advanced training.

The Frater Awards are an annual professional development award given to ANFF staff to enable exceptional engineers and administrative staff to foster technical and professional growth via national or international activities. The awards are named after ANFF’s first chairman, Dr Robert Frater AO, who keenly supported the development of young researchers throughout his most distinguished career in advanced microelectronics and as Deputy CEO of CSIRO. In addition, this year the ANFF organization recognised two outstanding engineers with the Career Development Award.

ANFF CEO Jane Fitzpatrick applauds the 2023 recipients: ‘The core of ANFF’s amazing success is the people that provide their energy and expertise to ensure our clients achieve their goals. This year’s awardees are worthy additions to the Frater alumni, and we all look forward to seeing how they apply their new skills.’

‘I am deeply humbled and immensely grateful for receiving one of this year’s Frater Awards. This Award will allow me to attend next year’s US West coast EBPG (EBL tool vendor) meetings at Stanford and Caltech,’ said award recipient Michael Stuiber, ‘I also intend to visit my Colleagues and cleanrooms at Berkeley, Stanford, Caltech and JPL to learn more about their nanofabrication capabilities and opportunities for collaborations.’

Frater Awardees:

  • Michael Stuiber, Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) – EBPG US West Coast User Meeting and Cleanroom Visits
  • Gopakumar Gopi, University of New South Wales – Mastering Project Management
  • Jnaneswara (John) Rao Saladi, Australian National University – MOCVD Advanced Level Training
  • Belinda Turner, ANFF-SA – NanoCamp/Nanoscience Event Training
  • Ash Dyer, MCN – University/Government/Industry Micro- and Nanotechnology (UGIM) Symposium Training
  • Gloria Qiu, University of Sydney – Chlorine-based Etching Benchmarking

Career Development Awardees:

  • Liguo Luo, University of Sydney – Advanced FBG Capability: Demonstration and Promotion
  • Huajun Shen, RMIT University – 3D-printed RF Electronics Fabrication and Measurement Workshop

Belinda Turner will use her award to enhance ANFF-SA’s Microengineering School. ‘Winning the Frater Award is incredibly exciting! Receiving this award not only acknowledges the efforts I’ve put in to organising and overseeing ANFF-SA’s Microengineering School for the past six years but also allows me the opportunity to attend a similar program held in New Zealand. I’m also looking forward to developing new connections with the teams at University of Auckland’s MacDiarmid Institute and Victoria University of Wellington,’ said Bel.

Frater Award Coordinator Matthew Wright encourages all ANFF staff to apply for a Frater Award: ‘As you gain experience and training, both overseas and within Australia, through the Frater Awards, you’ll bring back new insights, and ANFF will be able to deliver more to a wider audience.’

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