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ANFF-C is excited to announce that UTS-born startup NeoGenix Biosciences has been awarded Gate 2 pre-seed funding to aid in the commercialisation of their IVF sperm-selection technology.

NeoGenix’s focus is to achieve better outcomes for IVF cycles by improving the reliability and efficiency of sperm isolation and selection, a process that currently uses centrifugation techniques resulting in high rates of damaged sperm. 

Their microfluidic-enabled selection device mimics elements of the female reproductive tract to select the best sperm with minimal damage. This breakthrough 3d-printed device is designed to fit into existing IVF protocols, is much gentler on the sperm and produces more than enough material for a standard IVF cycle.

Above: Photo of the microfluidic-enabled sperm selection device. Below left: Sperm migration in the IVMF Dish

When compared to conventional IVF selection methods, the microfluidic sperm selection device demonstrated an 85% improvement in DNA integrity and an average 90% reduction in sperm cell death. NeoGenix’s technology has the potential to reduce time and error rates during sperm analysis and selection and to passively select sperm that are immediately ready for IVF.

Development of NeoGenix’s innovative device was supported by ANFF technology platforms, and now that NeoGenix is starting down the road to commercialisation, ANFF-C is ready to assist them in successfully overcoming the translational ‘valley of death’ to bring their device into real-world use.

ANFF-C is a pre-seed fund that uses both its financial and human resources to enable ANFF-derived technologies to realise their commercial potential. We support the launch of new businesses and empower them to attract capital from professional investors by decreasing the risks associated with early-stage entities. Gate 2 supports early-stage projects with funding up to $120,000. ANFF-C Director John Morrison will be working together with NeoGenix to determine the bespoke services that best position their IP to successfully attract investors and find the right path to market. Specifically, ANFF-C funding will enable NeoGenix to develop its manufacturing and regulatory strategy, perform financial modelling and create an IP strategy.

‘At Neogenix, we’re on a mission to make IVF more efficient and effective. Thanks to ANFF-C, we’re one step closer to turning our vision into a reality,’ says CEO and Co-Founder Steven Vasilescu.

Now part of the UNSW Founders network and soon to become a Health 10X Alumni, Neogenix has partnered with Australian IVF clinics to initiate the uptake of the technology into clinical practice, enabling a real pathway to impact. The company believes that this device will provide help for those struggling with infertility and increase the chances of a successful outcome in every IVF cycle.