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ANFF-C is pleased to announce Swinburne University of Technology Pro Vice Chancellor and Professor Alan Duffy as the first speaker in its new seminar series on ‘Manufacturing for Startups.’


ANFF-C technology platforms enable the creation of prototypes supporting the development of a product pipeline, necessary to create manufacturing-based economy. In this seminar series, experts from various sectors will discuss considerations for early-stage companies that want to produce manufactured products.

‘Australia appears to be undergoing a major transformation by attempting to shift towards becoming a major force in advanced manufacturing,’ explains ANFF-C Director John Morrison. ‘That said, there are huge hurdles for startups trying to get their products to market. These seminars are an attempt to highlight some of the considerations facing manufacturing startups and to also offer some solutions.’

Swinburne University of Technology astronomer Prof. Alan Duffy’s presentation on ‘Commercialisation of Space – Australia’s Next Economic Growth Sector’ kicked off the seminar series at 5:00 pm on Wednesday 29 March.

Recently appointed as Pro Vice Chancellor Flagship Initiatives at Swinburne, Professor Alan Duffy was the inaugural Director of the Space Technology and Industry Institute, finding ways to use space to help companies and communities on Earth. He is also the CEO and Founder of mDetect, a leading muon technology company. His research background in computational astrophysics sees Alan model universes on supercomputers to understand how galaxies like our Milky Way from within vast clouds of dark matter. He is trying to find this dark matter as the Swinburne Node Leader in the $35M ARC CoE for Dark Matter Particle Physics and a Chief Investigator of SABRE, the world’s first dark matter detector in the Southern Hemisphere, at the Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory at the bottom on active gold mine in Victoria.

Interested in watching Prof. Alan Duffy’s exciting talk? You can view the video here.

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