Manufacturing and machining


Victor is an expert in a multidisciplinary domain spanning nanotechnology, polymer manufacturing, surface engineering, micro/nano-systems development and biological systems. He is the Deputy Director and a Technology Ambassador of the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (ANFF-Vic), Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at Monash University and co-founder and CSO of Proton Intelligence. He is one …

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Brendan has worked in Diamond Turning, a process of ultra-precision machining optics, since 1996. Prior to joining ANFF-SA, he came to Australia from the USA after accepting a position with BAE Systems. Before his move to Australia, he made optics such as the first primary mirrors for Global Hawk, mirrors for THAAD and the NOAA-N …

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Kunlun Yan completed his PhD in optics in Laser Physics Center of Australian National University in 2019. His research was focused on realizing on-chip optical amplifier based on rare-earth doped chalcogenide planar waveguides. Kunlun Yan joined ANFF in 2023 and his research interests include optical film coating, planar waveguide fabrication, precision optics manufacturing and machining, and …

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Erick received his PhD in Physics from the University of Queensland in Australia. As a postdoctoral fellow his research focused on the fundamental origins of nanomechanical dissipation, high precision sensing, hybrid systems, integrated photonics and phononics. Erick currently works at the Australian National Fabrication Facility supporting and developing nanofabrication processes. His expertise profile is quite …

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Selvaraj (Raj) Nagarajan is a Senior Equipment Engineer at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney. Raj has significant equipment maintenance and installation experience gained across semiconductor research and manufacturing industries. He has a proven track record of providing equipment and process engineering support to enhance best outcomes for organisations and groups. Recent roles at Microsoft Quantum involved …

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Simon Ruffell joins the ANFF-NSW University of Sydney as our Quantum and Semiconductor Engagement Manager. Simon has extensive experience in the semiconductor technology industry and, more recently, in quantum computing. His role is to assist in planning, especially with respect to the infrastructure requirements to support the significant opportunities emerging around research translation in quantum …

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Huajun Shen has 20+ years of experience in semiconductor device R&D, design, and fabrication. He is managing LTCC (Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) labs in RMIT, and working on Laser Micromachining, dicing saw, multi-material 3D printer, etc.


With over eight years of experience in Additive Manufacturing, I possess expertise in operating and managing a wide range of Metal and Polymer 3D Printers.


Specialises in the operation of the DMG – Ultrasonic 5 axis CNC Mill.


Process Engineer focussing on optical fibre fabrication


Daniel has worked in the Industry 4.0 Testlab for two years, utilising a suite of industrial 3D printers, including resin, filament, metal and fibre reinforced printers. In addition there are 3D scanners, desktop CNC and mechanical testing equipment. Outside of the Testlab, he recycles 3D printed plastics and creates his own filament.


Izak Lorton is undertaking a Certificate III Engineering Mechanical (Machinist) Apprenticeship. Having already completed a degree in product design, he is very excited to have joined ANFF-SA’s highly skilled team. Through his apprenticeship, Izak is learning ‘hands-on’ the latest in design and fabrication techniques and is working directly with biomedical engineers. Under the guidance of …

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