Technology Stories

AFM on a chip

New developments from UWA are providing miniaturisation opportunities for one of the most widely used techniques for analysing nanoscale structures.

Show and solar cell

A team of University of Newcastle researchers has been showing off their ultra-light solar cells that are produced at a rate of hundreds of metres a day using ANFF Material’s roll-to-roll printing capabilities.

Modular photonics growing at lightspeed

Modular Photonics’ awards cabinet is now bulging – 2020 has seen the company’s ANFF-enabled photonic chip continue to gather interest and recognition, with prizes adding to a growing list of successful installations.

Super spinifex

UQ researchers are commercialising a class of reinforcing nanofibres that have the potential to create an entirely new industry in rural Queensland.

UWA research moves up the food chain

A research project to develop a portable sensor capable of assessing food quality has won the Buy West Eat Best Kim Chance Fellowship Award from the WA State Government.

Storing sunshine in a bottle

ANFF-enabled researchers at ANU have created a record- breaking device that uses sunlight to harvest hydrogen.

Ligō to lead the way

A lifechanging product being developed in Sydney could revolutionise the way we approach wound repair, while also placing Australia at the forefront of the burgeoning regenerative medicine industry.

Ecofriendly pesticides get an efficiency boost

Researchers from the University of Queensland have paved the way for wide use of high-performance ecofriendly pesticides by encasing them in nanoparticles, making them sturdier and stickier.

A wonder material made from waste

In February 2020, Clean Earth Technologies (CET) signed an agreement with Flinders University to produce commercial quantities of an environmental wonder material.

New era in x-ray imaging

In-depth imaging is now available on the move thanks to Adelaide-based medical device manufacturer, Micro-X, which has commercialised a new way of producing x-rays.