Focus on improvement of diamond nanofabrication processed in diamond membranes.


Gloria received her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Houston, USA. Her expertise is in magnetic thin film deposition and nanostructure patterning for bit-patterned media application. She has also worked extensively on magnetic biosensors. As Senior Process Engineer at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney, Gloria is responsible for the deposition and dry …

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Mike has a research background in microfluidic design and micro / nano fabrication and extensive experience in manufacturing and product development. Focusing on the development of the multiplex biosensing method, Mike received his PhD in Engineering in 2014, from University of South Australia. He joined ANFF-SA in 2015 as a Nanofabrication Technologist and is experienced …

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Nyi Nyi Latt

Saw is a Cleanroom Equipment Officer responsible for process tools and equipment maintenance at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney. He worked at A*STAR, Singapore’s leading research facility for more than 7 years supporting the installation and maintenance of SPTS’s DRIE and PECVD tools.


Pierrette Michaux is a Process Engineer specialising in Nanofabrication. Pierrette completed an Advanced Diploma in Chemistry in 2002, then in 2005 a Master degree in Materials Science at the Engineering College of Industrial Ceramics in France. Pierrette started her career in the Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatment Laboratory, a division of the French …

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Marius manages the WA node. His expertise encompasses MEMS and optoelectronic devices for infrared and terahertz applications.


Steve currently leads research on the hybridisation of Chalcogenide, Tellurite, silicon nitride, and germanosilicate technologies for multifunctional integrated optical devices for sensing, communications, metrology and chip based ultrafast laser systems. He also contributes to research on the applications for and system design of high power ultrafast laser systems for nonlinear optics, multiphoton microscopy, and materials …

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Mykhaylo maintains, trains and assists users with three MOCVD reactors, and also helps with XRD and thermal evaporation processes.


Mr Kai-Yu Liu received his Master’s degree in Microelectronics Engineering in 2000 from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore. After graduation, he continued working in the same school at NTU, where he was a Senior Engineer and Team Leader of the Nanyang Nanofabrication Centre in NTU and was in charge of process integration, device characterisation …

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Yang is the thin film deposition team lead responsible for the thin film deposition suites. She also works on dicing saw, wire bonders, direct mask writer and polymer glovebox.


Jason has expertise in nanofabrication of quantum electronic devices, particularly in electron beam lithography, metal deposition, and lift-off. He completed a PhD at UNSW where he focused on building silicon CMOS quantum devices for spin-based quantum computing. As Senior Process Engineer: Quantum Technologies at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney, he is responsible for various tools and …

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Mrs Leonie Hold is a Senior Research Assistant within the ANFF-Qld and Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre at the Queensland Microtechnology Facility, Griffith University. She joined Griffith in 2005 and has had previous micro-technology fabrication experience in Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany. Her current specialisation is in plasma etching and the deposition of silicon carbide on …

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