Technology Stories

The ultimate maker space

Flawless Photonics is pioneering the manufacturing and supply chain of next-generation optical fibres from space known as SpaceFiber™.

Nanostructured silicon chips leverage lasers for drug screening

ANFF-C is excited to announce an IP Licence Option Agreement executed between Monash University and the advanced manufacturing accelerator Innovyz for a nanostructured chip-assisted, drug-screening technology. Monash University researchers Dr David Rudd and Prof. Nicolas Voelcker have created a new screening platform for the detection of illicit drugs: a nanostructured silicon chip that enables the …

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Crystal-clear water for all

ANFF plays a critical role in supporting cutting-edge research programs that imagine innovative solutions to water purification and water treatment.

Using AI to capture sunlight

Through the innovative use of robotics and AI learning, a new Monash University ‘toolbox’ will develop and optimise new materials for photovoltaic cells.

2D material makes its mark on the factory floor

University of Wollongong ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) and ANFF-Materials researchers, led by Prof. David Officer and Distinguished Prof. Gordon Wallace, have developed a patented, scalable, graphite-to-graphene process to give a highly conductive edge-functionalised graphene (EFG).

Shining a light on brain function

UNSW and ANFF-NSW researchers Reem Almasri and Josiah Firth have fabricated optical electrodes to probe complex bio-electrical signals.

Dr Snake to the emergency room

Dr Amanda Kijas and Prof. Alan Rowan are taking inspiration from nature to develop unique hydrogels that can save people from blood loss incurred during traumatic injury.