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2024 Showcase highlights ANFF connections with industry and commercialisation

ANFF facilities provide the critical infrastructure and expertise required to accelerate and de-risk technology development. The availability of these experts and capabilities, including tools for initial prototyping and complete, industry-relevant process trains, adds immense value to early innovations. 

ANFF and ANFF-C enable researchers to develop new ideas that have long-term implications and support them with critical funding for the translation pathway. Our support can help turn these devices and prototypes into societal benefits.

Industry Case Studies (l to r): Katherine Kinder, Dr Gerry Swiegers and Dr Anushi Rajapaksa

Three Industry Case Studies presented at the 2024 ShowcaseANFF – Connected demonstrated how ANFF has collaborated with its industry partners to underpin their ongoing success:  

Katherine Kinder, Advanced Navigation – Integrated photonic device packaging with ANFF 

Dr Gerry Swiegers, Hysata – Bubble-free capillary water electrolysis: A new approach to industrial water electrolysis 

Dr Anushi Rajapaksa, Misti – Rapid Relief 

Facilitated by ANFF-C Director John Morrison, a panel discussion on Alliances and Partnerships served as a stimulating wrap-up for the 2024 Showcase. 

We were honoured by the participation of three distinguished panellists who brought along their willingness to contribute to this interesting and timely discussion: 

Gordon Harling, CMC Microsystems CEO 

Penelope Lane, Esfam Biotech CEO and Executive Director of Vert & Or 

Kate Latimer, National Judicial College of Australia (retired) 

The topics discussed included some of the challenges facing Australian early-stage entities in the advanced manufacturing ecosystem. The panel explored the potential of strategic partnerships in supporting an early-stage entity by leveraging the resources of an established commercial partner’s access to capital, markets and talent. 

By supporting research infrastructure, translation science and commercialisation, ANFF and ANFF-C are a critical part of the innovation landscape creating a sustainable future for the Australian economy, ensuring sovereign capability and providing high-value jobs for Australians.