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ANFF Connects Clients with Success – Hear their Stories!

ANFF enables cutting-edge research and technology development across various domains and sectors. Our 2024 Showcase ‘ANFF – Connected’ featured inspiring examples of innovative solutions to real-world problems for the people, the planet, communications and exploration, and the frontier.

We invite you to watch these presentations from our amazing clients, now available on these YouTube playlists:

Martin Ams, SmartCrete CRC, Harsh wastewater environments and fibre sensors

Abdullah Faruque, Deakin University, Mud to Marle: Sustainable Australian-made textiles

Colin Hall, University of South Australia, Optical filters for water quality assessment from space

Milad Laghaei, Deakin University, Degrading pollutants via light-responsive thin films

Rangam Rajkhowa, Deakin University, Perpetual pigments – waste to paint

How technology can help protect the environment or improve the efficiency of existing solutions.
How technology can enhance food production, advance medical technologies for better health outcomes, or create new materials and structures for the benefit of people.

Sonachand Adhikari, The Australian National University, Flexible GaN photodetectors

Kenneth Crozier, University of Melbourne, Miniature infrared micro-spectrometer for chemical detection

Citsabehsan Devendran, Proton Intelligence, ANFF as an enabling platform for MedTech startups

Tuomas Haggren, The Australian National University, High-performance and low-cost nanofilm sensors and photodetectors

Chris Hurren, Deakin University, MotoCAP – using science to empower riders

Jason Taylor, Monash University, Micro-Smart surfaces: the key for stromal cells

How technology can improve or secure the transmission and storage of data and information and address the challenges in space and defence.
How technology can explore new frontiers and breakthroughs that are not yet defined or understood.

Duk-Yong Choi, The Australian National University, The configurations and fabrication of stacked optical nanostructures

George ‘Wren’ Greene, LaTrobe University, Geologically inspired nanofabrication

Mohammad Taha, University of Melbourne, VOx Nanoparticles: A breakthrough for cool buildings

Emily Vu, Monash University, Visualization of meron networks in marginally twisted 2D semiconductors

To view the entire 2024 ANFF Showcase playlist, click here: