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Taiwan’s National Science and Technology Council Minister Wu Tsung-tsong and senior officials met with ANFF and toured the ANFF-QLD facility at the University of Queensland as part of the delegation’s four-day visit to Australia. 

A key plank in the Taiwanese government’s national development strategy, the New Southbound Policy (NSP) seeks to reinforce Taiwan’s agricultural, business, cultural, education, tourism and trade ties with the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations member states, six South Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand. 

According to the NSTC, Wu brought his Australian counterparts up to speed on several scientific research projects under the council’s purview, as well as Taiwan’s progress on its Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050. 

Given Australia’s rich natural resources and related technological prowess, Wu expressed hope that the two sides will ramp up collaboration in areas such as hydrogen energy, carbon sinks, semiconductors and quantum technology. 

Post-COVID, the delegation and ANFF discussed reinvigorating the 2019 MoU between NARLabs and ANFF and exploring opportunities for further engagement in Queensland in areas such as quantum, compound semiconductors and staff exchanges. 

‘The NSTC delegation’s visit to ANFF-QLD was an important opportunity to reconnect with Taiwanese colleagues and explore ways to deepen our relationship post-COVID. I look forward to working together more closely in the future,’ said ANFF COO Dr Chris Gourlay. 

For more information on Minister Wu’s trip, read this Taiwan Today article. 

ANFF-QLD Node Director Prof Paul Burn, ANFF COO Dr Chris Gourlay and Director General Chih-Cheng Yeh (Taiwan Department of International Cooperation and Science Education)