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Delivering the quantum promise:

a handbook for businesses to engage with the Australian quantum ecosystem

The second quantum revolution is upon us, with emerging technologies in sensing, computing and communications launching a paradigm shift in the role of technology in business and industrial processes. As a result, a rising quantum economy presents an opportunity for Australian businesses to develop competitive advantage by envisioning industry-specific solutions that use quantum technologies. 

‘Delivering the quantum promise: a handbook for businesses to engage with the Australian quantum ecosystem’ raises awareness about the local quantum economy and infrastructure network that nurture early-stage ideas and identifies pathways to create a tailored ‘Quantum Readiness’ plan for businesses that intend to take advantage of the second quantum revolution. 

Written by Dr Navin Chandrasekaran, ANFF Client Engagement Facilitator for Quantum Technologies, this paper emphasises the importance of preparing for the uptake of quantum technologies and provides practical ways in which all Australian companies can understand the developing set of technological solutions and its adoption for competitive advantage. 

Like the intended audience for this paper, Navin’s interest in quantum technologies rose from outside of the quantum ecosystem. With a Master of Biotechnology and PhD from the University of Queensland, he has extensive experience in research commercialization, including translation of his research on transdermal magnesium absorption into a commercially viable formulation for the swimming pool industry to enable bathers to topically supplement magnesium. 

Dr Navin Chandrasekaran, ANFF Client Engagement Facilitator for Quantum Technologies

In his current role with ANFF, Navin facilitates business and industry access to cutting edge capabilities in micro- and nanofabrication that underpin miniaturisation of next gen quantum technology hardware in disciplines such as medtech, communications, agtech, semiconductors and optics. His increasing engagement with Australia’s quantum ecosystem initiated his personal journey towards quantum readiness.  

Navin’s in-depth exploration of the second quantum revolution was enabled through his ANFF Frater Award, which is an annual professional development award given to ANFF staff to enable exceptional engineers and administrative staff to foster technical and professional growth via national or international activities. This white paper is an important outcome of his grant activities. 

Above all, ‘Delivering the quantum promise’ encourages business and entrepreneurs to explore possible applications of quantum technologies in developing their own innovations, no matter their original expertise and training. 

‘It’s not necessary to be a quantum engineer to be involved. Just as many of us use computers to make our work more productive every day but can’t explain the physics of computer processing at any level, the same holds true for quantum technologies,” says ANFF CEO Jane Fitzpatrick regarding the importance of this paper.

ANFF is proud to support this white paper which is another tool that fits with Australia’s National Quantum Strategy and will assist our local economy to take practical steps to become quantum enabled. 

Download your copy of ‘Delivering the quantum promise’ here.