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Heidelberg Instruments and Nano Vacuum are partnering to provide a webinar series on their ANFF-related capability lines. Presented by Heidelberg’s equipment experts, the series will cover a range of processes over 5 separate sessions, including key application examples and fabrication tips and tricks.

Next up is a look at grayscale laser lithography and the DWL series at 4pm AEST on Wednesday 7th July.

Webinar title: : Grayscale Laser Lithography with Heidelberg Instruments DWL Series (Presenter: Wolfgang Meixner, Technical Sales Manager Europe)

Webinar description:¬†Grayscale lithography is used to create three-dimensional micro- and nanostructures with height gradients, enabling the fabrication of textured surfaces with micro- and nano-topographies. In laser lithography, the CAD virtual landscape is mapped to the system’s gray values where each value corresponds to an exposure intensity level. With up to 1000 gray levels and 65000 intensities, 2.5D topographies can be realized, which are required for micro-optical elements such as Fresnel lenses, blazed gratings, micro-lenses but also for other areas such as MEMS, MOEMS or microfluidics.

Key areas in this webinar will include:

• Basics of our grayscale lithography technology

• Grayscale laser lithography on our DWL series of systems

• Key application areas in grayscale lithography

Register by clicking here.

(ANFF NSW provides access to a Heidelberg DWL 66+ tool, contact Nadia Court for details.)

More details are coming on the remaining sessions, but add the following to your diary:

  1. Thursday 24th June; Maskless aligners and the MLA series.
  2. Wednesday 7th  July; DWL
  3. Thursday 29th, July; ULTRA
  4. Thursday 12th, August; Multiphoton Optics
  5. Thursday 26th, August;  NanoFrazor.