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The Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) Materials Node’s Prof Gordon Wallace steps aside as Director after leading its operations for over 15 years since its inception in 2007, passing the leadership torch to University of Wollongong Prof Peter Innis.

Based at both the University of Wollongong (UoW) and the University of Newcastle, ANFF-Materials provides the infrastructure and expertise to enable scaled processing of the most advanced materials as well as providing state of the art fabrication facilities to develop innovative structures and devices. These capabilities have been used to enable astonishing outcomes across a diverse array of areas, but particularly in Energy and Health.

ANFF-Materials has aided researchers and has assisted established companies across the country, whilst providing support to emerging entities, such as iFix Medical, Aquahydrex, Hysata, Sicona and Phycohealth.

Prof Gordon Wallace

‘It has been a privilege to have served as the Director of the ANFF Materials node since its beginnings. It has been an amazing journey with an amazing team of people,’ said Prof Wallace, ‘I remember many discussions with Prof Chris Fell as the ANFF vision was crystallised. It was recognised that world class infrastructure and expertise in materials and fabrication were necessary not only to support current research but also to catalyse the development of new frontiers. ANFF has delivered on both these counts.’

Prof Peter Innis

ANFF-Materials will now benefit from the appointment of Prof Peter Innis as its new Node Director. Prof Innis is a Chief Investigator and the Associate Director of UoW’s Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (IPRI) and is a world-leading researcher in materials science and the field of organic conducting polymers and their applications.

Prof Innis returns to the ANFF family having previously served as the Node’s Facility Manager for more than a decade. ‘The Materials Node is in great hands with Pete taking the reins, and he is supported by an amazing ANFF network including ANFF HQ,’ said Prof Wallace.


Regarding the continued evolution of the Materials Node, ANFF CEO Dr Jane Fitzpatrick commented, ‘On behalf of the whole ANFF network, thanks to Gordon Wallace for his leadership since the inception of ANFF. We have been honoured to have someone with Gordon’s drive and successes within our ranks. And like all good leaders, Gordon has passed the baton onto a worthy successor in Prof Peter Innis. We look forward to the continued success of ANFF Materials in its next exciting chapter.’