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Sponsored by EVG and facilitated by ANFF-C Director John Morrison, a Panel Discussion on the synergy of research infrastructure and commercialisation served as a stimulating wrap-up for the 2022 ANFF National Showcase.

We are honoured by the participation of four distinguished panelists who brought along their willingness to contribute to this interesting and timely discussion:

  • Dom English, First Assistant Secretary, Research, Department of Education
  • Tim Case, Principal, Three Case Consulting
  • Marcus Doherty, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Quantum Brilliance
  • Prof. Ute Roessner, ANU Academic Director, Research Initiatives and Infrastructure

The topics discussed included some of the thornier issues facing the development of Australian IP today. The panel talked about the biggest challenges facing start-up and scale-up companies in Australia, what we can do to improve Australia’s relatively immature advanced manufacturing sector, and how we can increase the recruitment of talented, trained people to operate our micro- and nano-fabrication platforms.

‘The Showcase ended on a high note with a fantastic panel discussing both technical and non-technical drivers for innovation and how the Department of Education is supporting this agenda,’ said ANFF-C Director John Morrison. ‘It is reaffirming to see how important the innovation agenda is to the Federal Government and its current strategy of rebuilding the economy, post-Covid.’

The purpose of ANFF-C is to accelerate the creation of new sustainable deep-tech businesses. It does this by supporting early-stage entities with pre-seed funding. This funding is intended not only to drive research translation but also, and perhaps more importantly, to drive a change in culture and to encourage innovation. We bring networks of experts together to support the development of commercial pathways, which includes investors, consultants, legal support, accountants, etc.

By supporting research infrastructure and commercialisation, ANFF and ANFF-C are creating a sustainable future for the Australian economy, ensuring sovereign capability and providing high-value jobs for Australians.

The full panel discussion can be viewed here.