Medical imaging and sensing

Accurate monitoring of a patient’s wellbeing relies on a network sensing and imaging equipment. Making these devices more accurate and easier to use increases the amount of information available to a patient, and makes the process far more comfortable. Wearable sensors that sit on top of the skin are now commonplace, with researchers aiming to …

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Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)

MEMS, or micro-electro-mechanical systems, is a broad class of technologies that make use of micromachined structures, sensors, and moving parts. They often perform tasks that range from detecting changes in temperature or pressure, to tuning light sensors or manoeuvring mirrors. MEMS often feature incredibly intricate designs with part dimensions between 100 nm to 100 µm. …

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Microfluidic devices

Microfluidic devices use micron-sized channels to precisely manipulate fluids. These channels are typically cut into a substrate of glass, PDMS, or silicon and allow micro, nano, or pico litres of fluids to be exposed to technologies such as sensors, active devices, or lab-on-a-chip environments. The ease at which microfluidic devices can be taken out of …

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Flagship capabilities

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X-ray optics

X-ray optics are used to focus, bend, or otherwise manipulate x-rays to meet the needs of certain applications.

Quantum computing

Quantum computers are expected to bring around a technological revolution once built to scale, outperforming conventional computers in many important areas and assisting drug development, simulations, weather modelling, and cybersecurity applications. Researchers across the world are working to build the fundamental components of a quantum computer, a qubit (quantum bit), that can be used in …

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