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The annual gathering of the ANFF community incorporating our Staff Retreat, Research Showcase and Gala Dinner.

This is a great opportunity for the ANFF network to come together in person for the first time in 3 years.

You will be able to meet your peers and colleagues face to face and to strengthen and deepen relationships that are a critical ingredient to the success of our network. As always, this event will continue to build the foundations so that we can be stronger together.

On display will be the talent and skills that the ANFF community has to offer. This will be clear from the incredible stories that our user cohort will provide during the Showcase. It promises to be a highly engaging and rewarding day for all those involved.

The Showcase will be proceeded by an opportunity for the ANFF staff to gather, learn and celebrate the achievements of the past 3 years at a National Staff Retreat.

We invite the entire ANFF community to join us in celebrating achievements of the past year at our Gala Dinner to be hosted at the National Gallery of Australia.

  • For ANFF staff, please click here to register for the 2022 Staff Retreat, Gala Dinner and Showcase (25 – 27 October).
    The schedule for the Staff Retreat can be downloaded here Retreat schedule 2022
  • For the greater ANFF community, please click here to register for the 2022 Showcase and Gala Dinner (26 & 27 October).
    The schedule for the Showcase can be downloaded here Showcase Schedule 2022