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Archer Materials Limited has been granted an Australian Patent relating to its 12CQ quantum computing chip technology (12CQ chip), developed with assistance from ANFF-NSW.

According to the company’s ASX release, the granting of the patent (Patent No. 2016363118) represents a significant early stage milestone in Archer’s development of the 12CQ chip, and is part of Archer’s strategy to develop the 12CQ chip.

‘With the focus on quantum technologies in Australia now stronger than ever, we believe that the granting of the Australian patent related to Archer’s 12CQ chip will contribute to strengthening quantum computing and technology innovation in Australia.‚’ said Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair.

He added: ‘Access to facilities, such as the Research and Prototype Foundry Core Research Facility at the University of Sydney, part of the NSW node of the NCRIS-enabled Australian National Fabrication Facility, have been instrumental in progressing Archer’s development of the company’s 12CQ quantum computing chip technology.’

Archer has been working with ANFF’s micro and nanofabrication experts at the University of Sydney to develop their carbon-based qubits. This type of qubit has shown promise that it could form the backbone of a quantum computer that operates at room temperature. Read more about ANFF’s past involvement here.